In the past, residential schools were thought to be necessary to provide an education to the First Nations people. What was really happening in these schools was beyond what they were telling others. To the concept of the schools were to reprogram the kids to think and to act like what the white people thought was the right way of life. The Tla’amin people had their young children taken from them, from there the children were abused and taught how to be a “normal” person. The Tla’amin people would have been sent to the Sechelt Residential School. This specific school had a roman catholic based belief and was opened in 1912. It was open for 63 years and closed in 1975. The full name of this residential school was Sechelt Indian Residential School.

Some residential schools participated in the starving of First Nations students, the data collected from this was used for malnutrition research. Children in residential schools were forced to do many horrid things.

Now, all residential schools have been shut down, due to its harsh ways of instruction and its vision to culturize a people that do not need to be reprogrammed for society.