Present Land Agreements and Treaties:

In the recent treaty that was made for the Tla’amin, they were given approximately 8323 hectares of treaty settlement lands. This land will now be known as the Tla’amin Lands. All this land includes about 1917 hectares of former Tla’amin reserves and 6405 hectares of former provincial crown land. The total land treaty represents approximately 2.6 percent of the traditional territory. This land was agreed on and finalized on April 5, 2016.

Other lands that are known to be given to them are 0.3 hectares on Savory Island and 0. 008 hectares in the Powell River. In consideration of the Sunshine Coast trail, the Tla’amin have given temporary authorization for recreation. This access is for the public, and will only continue is it does not interfere with the Tla’amin Nations ability to authorize the use of disposition of Tla’amin lands.


Past Land Location and Situation:

The traditional location of the Sliammon is the upper Sunshine Coast, in southwestern British Columbia, Canada. They occupied many areas around this location and favored bays and other forms of waterfront properties. One of their settlements was named Klehkwahnnohm, this has been translated into Scuttle Bay. This area is on the South West Coast of British Columbia on a Tla’amin Reserve. This land form was very important to the tribe because it was used as their hunting and farming grounds. This specific location was also known to be a refuge or the Tla’amin when conflict ensured in their villages. The word Klahkwahnnohm once translated from their language means Tide Waters Rush, this is a reference to how the large bay filled with water after the rising tide. This information is important because it gives clues to other places that they may have lived in.