IMG_0543-1200x661Present Government Systems:

On September 10, 2016, the Tla’amin elected its first ever government. Former chief Clint Williams was reelected as hegus, the total number of voters that were recorded was 465, this is about 2 thirds of the eligible people that can vote within their tribe. This is relatively close in comparison to the recent election that took place in the U.S and represents their genuine interest and affiliations with the government. Their government has transformed since their past ways, and because of that, it’s believed that they will have a more stable government due to the four-year terms that have been placed upon the current leaders. This election was historic for the tribe.

Past Government Forms:

The Tla’amin participated in what was called a band government. It is a basic unit of government for all the First Nation tribes that were discovered by British Colonists. These bands are typically small groups of people, and are generally represented by a band council, chaired by an elected chief, and sometimes also a hereditary chief. These bands are typically composed of a single community or village. The Tla’amin were no exception to this rule and participated in all the components of the Band Government System.